How Tire Pressure Can Make or Break Your Ag Tires

April 14, 2023

Any vehicle requires optimized tire pressure to operate to its fullest potential. But agricultural equipment, including tractors, have specific tire pressure requirements that make them unique and more valuable. This makes monitoring the tire pressure of your agricultural vehicles even more important.

As little as 10% too little or too much tire pressure can have huge effects on the efficacy and life of your agricultural tires. Proper tire inflation has been found to increase pull by 25% and improve yields – and that’s just the start. 

Benefits of Proper Tire Pressure for Ag Tires

Increasing pull and yield is just the beginning of the benefits of maintaining appropriate tire pressure in your agricultural equipment. The advantages to your agricultural tires include:

And the benefits don’t stop there. It’s not just about your tires, but tire pressure can positively improve your overall impact and lower costs. Proper tire pressure can mean you have a more comfortable ride, optimal footprint and traction, and perfect soil compaction.

What Influences Tire Pressure

Several factors can contribute to tire pressure changes. Simple weather conditions and change of seasons can alter tire pressure. Constant variations in weight or load of the equipment, or just the type of tractor may mean you need to manage to a different psi. And due to the workload and environment, tractor tires naturally tend to leak air over time. All of these reasons make it worthwhile to invest in getting the most out of your tires by optimizing the tire pressure in your agricultural equipment. 

How to Protect Your Ag Tires

The good news is that there are simple solutions to assure you’re getting the most out of your tires – and your equipment– this season.

Doran 360AG™  TPMS is easy to use with its in-cab display and Smart-Link™ Technology, making monitoring the tire pressures on your implements easier than ever – saving you time and money. Read more about preparing your tires for spring planting here.

The best time to install Doran360AG™ TPMS is now – so you are fully prepared for spring planting. We’d love to partner with you in making 2023 your most profitable season yet. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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