Preparing Your AG Tires for Spring Planting

December 20, 2022

The off-season for farmers is often spent bookkeeping and repairing equipment to better prepare for planting season in the spring. A huge part of this off-season maintenance is ensuring that your tires are prepared for the upcoming season and are outfitted with the best equipment in order to maintain maximum efficiency. 

Recently, we sat down and discussed our tire monitoring system with AG Tire Talk for their fall podcast series, “Driving Yield Thru Tire Technology”. Our tire monitoring system helps farmers improve yields, increase productivity, and lower costs through one simple-to-install system. 

Here are some of the highlights of Doran 360AG™ TPMS discussed with Ag Tire Talk, as well as some of the ways the tire monitoring system can benefit you and improve your yields in 2023.

The Technology

Doran 360AG™ TPMS is incredibly simple to install and easy to use. It is specifically engineered for Ag equipment and is easily maintained and serviced in the field. Wireless tire pressure sensors are available for tires with standard-size valve stems or large bore valve stems and can be used on all types of agriculture equipment including tractors, combines, and when connected, tires for grain carts, slurry tanks, manure spreaders, and tillage implements.

Hardware & Installation

Doran 360AGTM wireless tire pressure sensors are valve-stem mounted,  meaning that it is installed by simply unscrewing the valve cap of the tire and placing the sensor on. Simple programming then takes place to specify tire positions, and there is no dismounting of the tire required. The display is powered by the vehicle and requires either 12 or 24 volts of power from the cab.


SmartLinkTM  Technology

Utilizing SmartLink technology, Doran 360AGTM TPMS allows farmers to monitor tractor tires at all times, and when connected, tires for grain carts, slurry tanks, manure spreaders and tillage implements.        

In-Cab Display

The in-cab display features a Green Meens GoodTM LED light indicator light & an interactive screen to see the current tire inflation pressures.  Real-time alerts for low-pressure & rapid deflation events are provided visually & audibly thru the in-cab display.    


The impact that proper tire inflation pressure has on yields, soil compaction, and areas of spending like fuel and new tires is huge. By utilizing a tire monitoring system on your ag vehicles, you are able to proactively monitor tire inflation pressures helping prolong tire life, reduce soil compaction, and increase yields. 


If you install a tire monitoring system in your ag vehicles, you will see a return on investment in less than a year. This rings true for even small producers. The combination of ease of use, installation, and affordability make Doran 360AG™ TPMS a game-changer for any farmer. 

Benefits of TPMS for Your AG Tires

We’ve discussed the major components of Doran 360AG™ TPMS and the benefits of tire monitoring systems for agricultural vehicles. The off-season is the best time to get those purchased and installed so you can be knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to planting season in the spring. 

Make sure that you are maximizing your vehicle’s efficiency through good tire maintenance. We’d love to partner with you in making 2023 a high-yield year and your most profitable season yet. Get in touch with us today to learn more.   



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