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Tire Monitoring Systems

Do I need to re-balance my tires when using a sensor?
Placing the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems’ 0.83-ounce sensor on a typical large vehicle will not normally necessitate re-balancing tires.

Does the Doran 360HD™ and 360SL™ system record the pressure alarms?
Yes, both systems record the alarms and have the capability to show the date/time stamp of the last 32 alarms.
Integration with 3rd party telematics providers allows data to be uploaded and stored in a remote system which can store more data for a longer period of time.

Does the monitor need to be “on” at all times to receive signals from the tire pressure sensors?
Doran monitors are patented with a “sleep mode” so that data transmissions from tire pressure sensors are received while the ignition is keyed off.  Active tire pressures and alarm conditions are immediately visible on the Doran monitor/display when the ignition is keyed on.

How big is the monitor for the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system?
The Doran dash-mounted monitor/display is approximately the same size as a dollar bill

How do I check the tire pressures?
Active tire pressure readings are visible on the Doran display.  Simply tap a button to scroll through each individual tire/wheel position.

How do I mute the audible alert on the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system?
Tap any button on the Doran monitor/display to silence the audible alert.

How has the system been tested?
In addition to our internal quality tests, the Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System has been approved by the FCC and tested to SAE standards for temperature, vibration and chemical/water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility.

How many tires can I monitor with Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System?
The Doran 360HD™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System for trucks and trailers monitors up to 36 wheel positions.
The Doran 360SL™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System for drop and hook fleets monitors up to 38 wheel positions, including 10 wheel positions on the tractor and 28 wheel positions on a trailer.
The Doran 360OTR™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Off-The-Road equipment monitors up to 36 wheel positions.

Is the system powered by 12v or 24V power?
Doran 360™ TPMS work in both 12VDC and 24VDC voltage.

Is the tire pressure monitoring system expandable?
Yes, it is possible to expand the Doran system by adding additional tire pressure sensors.

What causes the monitor to display alarms?
There are multiple reasons for an alarm to be triggered on a Doran tire pressure monitoring system:
Air pressure has dropped 12.5% of your baseline tire pressure. This alert will continuously transmit once per second until low pressure is corrected or a button is pressed to place Monitor in Quiet Mode.
Air pressure has dropped to the second alert level, 25% below the programmed baseline tire pressure.
A rapid loss of air pressure (4.5psi in under 16 seconds) has occurred and the Fast Leak! alarm is triggered.
The optional High Pressure Alarm is activated, and tire pressure is 25% above the programmed baseline pressure.
The tire pressure sensor has captured a temperature reading of 175deg F (80deg C)
The Doran monitor has not received a transmission from a programmed tire pressure sensor for over 64 minutes.

What happens when I remove the sensors to inflate or check the pressure in my tires?
It is recommended that tire pressures be checked regularly using a high-quality pressure gauge when the tires are at ambient temperatures, in addition to the use of a tire pressure monitoring system. Remove the sensor, check pressure, and inflate if necessary. When you return the sensor to the valve stem, the sensor will begin to read the current pressure and return to its normal operation.

Will the monitor display each tire’s pressure or will it simply indicate a low pressure warning?
The Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system was designed with a “Green Means Good™” indicator light, which lets the driver know all of the tire pressures are within the specified range. The operator can see each tire’s pressure by using the four-way navigational buttons. In addition, there are multiple alarm types that are built-in to the system to make the driver aware of any tire pressure issues.

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