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We excel at receiving data from a sensor, then converting it over to any format our users need it to be in...regardless of the integration needed.

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Regardless of the type of equipment or the environment it operates in, Doran has a solution to meet your needs
We help you get your job done by avoiding costly logistical hiccups
We have a world-wide reputation for quality parts and service

Our Solutions Will:

Maintain proper tire  inflation pressure

Doran’s tire monitoring solutions provide accurate tire pressure & temperature data in real-time.

IMPROVE your bottom line

Having 24/7 monitoring systems on your vehicles and machinery means that you'll be efficient 365 days a year. This moves the needle of any business closer toward their overall goal of increasing revenue.

Ensure a Safe and Comfortable Ride

Doran’s Tire Monitoring Systems continually analyze and communicate tire pressure & temperatures on every tire in your fleet, ensuring a safer ride and helping to reduce catastrophic tire failures.

Maximize Tire & tread life

By maintaining proper tire inflation pressure you will maximize tire and tread life and prevent uneven wear.

Provide real-time updates

Our solutions always provide real-time tire pressure & temperature information, resulting in a safer ride and less equipment downtime.

Optimize Fuel efficiency

Maintaining proper tire inflation pressures will have a positive impact on your fuel economy.

ENHANCE Child Safety on School Buses

The Doran Sleeping Child Check Monitor™ is a simple and effective way to ensure that your drivers walk through and inspect the vehicle at the end of a trip to help prevent leaving a child on the bus.

Increase safety & savings with innovation

Because of Doran's cutting edge technology and innovation, we are able to keep you and your vehicles safe and in service while optimizing your business's ROI goal.

Help You Strategize

Our systems provide visibility on the pressure fluctuation in your tires, helping to maximize the life of your tire casings and ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


“I wish every company we dealt with was as easy to work with as Doran Manufacturing.”

Doran TPMS dealer

“Thank you so much. Exactly what we were looking for!”

Software Developer – Information Technology, National Freight Transport & Logistics Company

“I really appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to make sure we get just what we need!! “

Maintenance Road Assist Associate, Regional Trucking & Logistics Company

"THANK YOU for bringing awareness to our tire pressure issue.  Doran TPMS has all helped to improve our overall tire pressures and is reducing costs and tire failures.”

VP of Facilities & Equipment, Nationwide Auto Hauling Fleet




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