Doran Travels and Teams-up for Transportation Technology

November 4, 2022

Doran prioritizes continuing education, especially when it comes to advances in industry technology. Our products offer new features and capabilities for fleets and drivers and we are always looking for opportunities to educate and provide solutions for people all over the world.

One way Doran offers insight and knowledge to the industry is by attending and participating in expos and conventions.

Doran Heads to Puebla, Mexico!

This past month, the Doran team had the pleasure of participating in Expo Transporte in Puebla, Mexico for the first time. The event is an industry showcase where suppliers discuss and promote the latest advances in transportation technology. During the last event, there were 46,831 participants from 30 countries, and this year’s event was expected to exceed those numbers. 

Doran’s Participation

Doran attended the event along with our trusted partner, Digital Communication Technologies , who designs, builds, and delivers software, technology, and solutions that can read, connect, and exchange data with other platforms. Lee Demis, our Vice President of Business Development, along with DCT team members, met with fleets from all over the Americas to discuss the many benefits of Doran TPMS and its ability to provide off-vehicle notifications for tire pressure and temperature. 

“I am beyond grateful to have attended Expo Transporte with our trusted partners, Digital Communication Technologies. The Doran team strives to get the word out about the benefits of our tire monitoring solutions, and events like this are a perfect opportunity to do so.”

Lee Demis

One of the Doran solutions in which many people inquire when our team is on the road is Doran Connect 360™.  

Doran Connect 360™

Doran Connect 360™, is created with our partner, Digital Communication Technologies, to create software that offers the ability to provide tire pressure and temperature data in real-time, and provide management teams with actionable insights for planning, decision making, and predictive maintenance. 
The Doran Connect 360™ solution includes advanced tracking features, vehicle performance, and real-time pressure and temperature data for every tire on every vehicle in the fleet.

The best time to check tire pressure is before driving your vehicle, first thing in the morning, or if you’ve been on the road, after waiting a few hours until the tires cool down. TPMS is a solid tool that can minimize your stress and maximize your efficiency when it comes to checking tire pressure. Doran 360 ™ TPMS continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature and provides immediate notification for low-pressure, rapid deflation, and high-temperature events.

Features of Doran Connect 360™

Doran Connect 360 ™ offers more features than many other tire pressure monitoring systems including: 

  1. Vehicle Performance and Real-Time Pressure + Temperature Data for Every Tire on Every Vehicle in the Fleet
  2. Real-Time Tire Pressure + Temperature Alerts
  3. TPMS Automated Reports
  4. Access to TPMS Historical Data to Create Custom Applications or Reports
  5. TPMS Alert Email Notifications
  6. Advanced Tracking Features
  7. Trip Insights
  8. Driving Metrics
  9. Data Backup for 12 Months

Doran and our partner, Digital Communication Technologies, work together to provide this solution for drivers and fleets which will lead to less downtime, more business, and more safety. 

Upcoming Events

Every year, Doran looks forward to participating in events just like the one we attended in October. We enjoy connecting with so many people in the transportation industry, and sharing our passion with everyone. This year we had the honor of participating in the following events:

Doran is looking forward to attending our last event before the holiday season, at Bauma 2022 in late October.
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