How Does Doran Connect 360™ Help Your Business?

November 16, 2021

Your phone gives you instant and real-time alerts, you can order a four-course meal with the click of a button, you can even buy a vehicle online then have it delivered to your was time for the transportation industry to up it’s game.

It is often a wonder how we were all able to survive and even thrive in business and leisure without real-time updates and instant information whenever we desired it. As society has progressed toward a digital world, it is clear how innovative technology can benefit and improve the transportation industry in more ways than one. One of those aspects being, real-time updates for tire pressure and temperature data.

Doran Connect 360™ is an advanced fleet management solution with integrated tire pressure and temperature data for your fleet--every fleet manager’s dream come true.

Your Tires Are Trying to Tell You Something 

Managing tire inflation pressure is a challenge faced by fleets across the country, regardless of size or where they operate. Maintaining proper tire inflation pressure helps to maximize tire performance leading to reduced equipment downtime while improving efficiency and safety. 

Doran’s tire monitoring systems provide real-time tire pressure and temperature data, helping to reduce tire related maintenance costs, prevent costly roadside tire replacements and minimize catastrophic tire failures. 

Doran Connect 360™ takes important tire data from the asset to fleet management anytime, anywhere. 

Why Doran Connect 360™?

Doran Connect 360™ provides fleet management with actionable data for planning, decision making and predictive maintenance. 

This platform includes advanced tracking features, vehicle performance and real-time pressure and temperature data for every tire on every vehicle in the fleet.

How Does it Work?

Doran 360TM tire pressure monitoring systems continuously monitor pressure and temperature, this data is passed through the Doran Connect ECU monitor and transferred to the cloud for remote visibility. 

Multiple receiving module options are available for in-cabin visibility of inflation pressure, critical high temperature and low pressure events.

Fleet Managers...We See You

Your job is eventful as it is, let’s help reduce those negative events, unnecessary stress and costs. 

Doran Connect 360™ features include:

Are you ready to streamline efficiency and improve your performance and safety? Give us a call and speak with one of our professionals, we’d love to help!


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