Reduce stress about OTR tire shortages

January 25, 2022

Persevering Your Tires in the Midst of Shortage

Construction, agriculture and mining are all experiencing industry booms, leading to an increased demand for off-the-road (OTR) tires. But with a supply chain crisis in full force, fleet managers are struggling to find the OTR tires they need. In this climate, tires have become more valuable than ever before — and giving them proper care is vital.

Supply Shortage Factors

Supply shortages have become common during the pandemic, with factory shut-downs, port shut-downs, shipping container availability and a driver shortage being key factors. Unfortunately, the OTR tire shortage has additional complicating factors:

These factors have combined with clogged ports and driver shortages to create a rubber crisis. Workers in OTR industries are being instructed to baby their tires because replacements are difficult to find. Reuters reports that farmers buying equipment online have started asking for close-up photos of tires to make sure they are in good condition.

Maintaining Your Investment with the Right TPMS

Because OTR tires face unique wear and tear, it can be a challenge to preserve them, even during a shortage. Maintaining proper tire pressure is a key step you can take to prevent premature wear and maximize tire life. Doran has tire pressure monitoring systems designed for the specific needs of each OTR industry. 

We designed the Doran 360OTR™ TPMS for heavy machinery used in construction, mining, quarries, shipping ports, steel mills, and other off-the-road applications. Tire pressure/temperature sensors transmit RF signals to a digital display in the cab. Equipment operators can access real-time tire pressure/temperature readings and receive TPMS alerts on the in-cab display. Our Green Means Good™ LED indicator light lets them see at a glance whether they have any pressure or temperature issues.

During walkaround inspections, our clients save time by pairing the 360OTRTM with our SmartLinkTM TPMS Tablet. While the 360OTR™ TPMS provides in-cab readings, the SmartLinkTM TPMS Tablet allows you to inspect tire pressure from outside the cab and record other important data sets, including tread depth, tire serial number, and pictures of the tire. 

The tablet can not only collect data for each individual sensor, but it also gives technicians the option to save data for review later on the tablet or a PC. 

Meeting Agriculture’s Unique TPMS Needs

When it comes to agriculture, we understand growers have a variety of unique needs. Unlike mining or construction, agricultural equipment requires low amounts of pressure to reduce soil compaction. TPMS sensors need to be especially precise and reliable. That’s why we created the Doran 360AG™ TPMS

This TPMS is designed to provide real-time tire pressure readings, including critical low pressure and high temperature alarms. Growers can see at a glance if something has gone wrong with any of the tires’ pressures, allowing them to get ahead of crises and prevent costly breakdowns.

Don’t Let a Supply Shortage Slow You Down

You may not be able to control the supply chain, but with wise planning, you can make it through these shortages. Give us a call, and we can help you find the right TPMS solution to meet your needs.


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