Let’s Talk About YardCheck360™ Wireless Gate Reader Tire Monitoring System

September 10, 2021

At Doran Manufacturing, it is one of our primary goals to ease the lives of our customers and help them operate in their roles more efficiently. We understand that when companies use more efficient tools, it lessens stress and the workload of their team members which improves the overall culture and improves customer service. 

When we created Yardcheck360™ wireless gate reader tire monitoring system, we were thinking about reducing our clients operating costs, preventing equipment downtime and improving overall safety for fleets without adding another monthly data fee per asset to achieve it.

YardCheck 360 wireless gate reader tire monitoring system helps fleets address these issues by continuously monitoring tire pressures & temperatures and providing remote visibility on every tire in your fleet, even when your equipment is powered OFF. 

Every Fleet Manager’s Dream

The YardCheck gate reader creates a secure wireless data transfer zone at your facility, with a range of up to 1.5 miles in all directions.  The rechargeable, battery-powered YardCheck transceivers installed on each asset continuously receive tire pressure & temperature data from each wheel position and transfers this data to the cloud every 15 minutes when inside the YardCheck coverage zone.  When assets are operating outside of the coverage zone, the YardCheck transceiver will store TPMS data and alarm notifications in 15-minute increments and automatically transfer this data to the cloud when the asset re-enters a company specific YardCheck coverage zone.  An optional in-cab screen displays real-time pressure & temperature data, including alarm notifications for the equipment operator.  

When assets are powered OFF or trailers are disconnect and parked within the YardCheck coverage zone, the YardCheck transceiver will wake up, capture TPMS data for each tire position and transfer the data to the cloud 3 times in the first 24 hours and then once per day for approximately 30 days.  This enables fleet personnel to identify specific tires on trailers or assets that have been parked for an extended period of period that have a low pressure alarm prior to connecting to it or beginning a shift

With a web-based dashboard (yardcheck360.com), the YardCheck 360™ allows fleet managers and tire service providers to easily and remotely access current & historical tire pressure/temperature data and  alarms for all tires in the fleet.   In addition, custom APIs can be created to transfer the data to tire management and maintenance software packages.

When using YardCheck 360™, TPMS reports and alarm notifications can be automatically emailed to the appropriate personnel to quickly identify and address underinflated tires which results in improved equipment uptime and minimizes catastrophic tire failures.

To make it even easier, fleet personnel can create scheduled and on-demand reports to improve the efficiency and accuracy of tire inspections (which saves labor costs) and reduce tire repair and maintenance costs for their fleet. 

Yardcheck 360™ was recognized as a Top 20 New Product by Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine for 2019. We’ve been happy to see how our technology has been making the lives of our clients easier while improving their bottom line and increasing the safety of their operations. 

Happier Team, Happier Culture

With the YardCheck 360™, fleets of all shapes and sizes are able to identify problem tires before they go out on the road.   This helps to avoid the critical mistake of assets with underinflated tires being sent out on the road and minimizes the potential for preventable catastrophic tire failures to occur.  When fewer problems occur on the job and operations run smoothly, confidence is boosted among the team and improves the overall morale (and profits) of the company. When the safety of the company is steady and consistent, it’s easy to see positive results throughout every aspect of the business. 

Decreasing tire related repair and maintenance costs, alongside improving safety concerns, we are able to see our clients’ businesses truly flourish.


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