How TPMS Create High-Yield Harvests

February 17, 2022

As farmland acreage decreases across the U.S., more growers are researching precision farming. This data-led method aims to grow more on less land — and it leaves nothing to chance. Farmers analyze every factor, from fertilizer usage to machines’ oil pressures and failure codes. 

Tire pressure should play a key role in this analysis. And thankfully, the Doran 360AGTM tire monitoring system provides the specialized insights growers need.

The Impact of Tire Inflation — for Better or Worse

Agriculturalists have long studied the impact tire inflation has on crop yields. Over-inflated tires cause soil compaction, which limits the nutrients and water that roots can absorb. It also hinders essential microbial life development and encourages water stagnation. But the consequences go beyond biology.

Over-inflated tires also create higher resistance, forcing growers to spend more labor and fuel in every season. Further, farmers will see uneven tread wear, shortening the lives of their tires. Growers who err on the side of under-inflation will similarly see decreased tire life.

Fortunately, maintaining proper tire inflation can oppose these effects in every way. Properly inflated tires reduce soil compaction, improve traction and increase fuel economy. Proper inflation also lengthens tire life and increases workers' comfort as they operate machinery. And, of course, they increase crop yields every time.

Despite this good news, a survey in Oklahoma found that only 45% of tractor tires were within the recommended tire inflation ranges. And as the size of machines grows, so, too, does the importance of getting tire pressure right.

A Tire Pressure Solution for Busy Growers

To get the biggest yield possible, growers need to check their tire pressure often. But doing so can be time consuming, compromising efficiency while in the field. That’s why we created our 360AGTM tire monitoring system. 

The 360AGTM TPMS continuously monitors air pressure with valve-stem-mounted tire pressure sensors. Inside the cab, our LCD display features a “Green Means Good”™ LED indicator light and an interactive screen. At any time, operators can see the current tire pressure for each tire at the press of a button.

We also realize that when the unexpected happens, it can happen quickly. We equipped our system with built-in visual and audible alarms for critical low pressure and high temperature events. Our in-cab display shows the affected tire position in real time, letting you get ahead of potential breakdowns.

The whole system is easy to install and proven to decrease tire wear, reduce tire maintenance costs and lengthen tire life. Most importantly, you’ll see reduced soil compaction and higher yields at harvest. 

As you prepare for planting season, we realize you’re making important decisions about the equipment you’ll use for the year. We’d be proud to partner with you in making 2022 a high-yield year. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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