Bringing Stability to Fuel Tankers Through TPMS

April 12, 2022

Stability is never more vital than when you’re hauling fuel. Drivers are commissioned to deliver as much fuel as they can, as quickly as possible. At the same time, drivers can’t rush to their destinations.

Sloshing liquid and underinflated tires can easily throw tankers off balance and cause rollovers. Rollovers and other tanker accidents can cause deadly explosions. 

These special needs have led many fuel and petroleum fleets to invest in wide-base single tires, like the Michelin X One or Goodyear’s Fuel Max line

Wide-base single tires increase stability by extending the vehicle’s track width. They weigh significantly less (saving up to 1,410 pounds), which means tankers can deliver more fuel with every trip. They reduce rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency. And the valves are easy to access, which makes maintenance simpler.

Unfortunately, these tires do come with challenges. To get their full benefits, fleets must pay special attention to tire pressure and temperature. As we’ll see, a tire monitoring system can be invaluable in this effort.

Challenges of Wide-Base Single Tires

Trucking Info reports that wide-base tires seem more sensitive to incorrect inflation. Over-inflation can damage any tire, but single tires may be more likely to have their shape distorted by using inflation pressures higher than the manufacturer’s recommendation.. On the other hand, under-inflation is likely to cause high-heat events and blowouts.

Wide-base tires also increase high temperature concerns. They tend to generate more heat because each single tire is doing the work of two dual tires. As tires heat up, they fall apart, causing dangerous blowouts and tire fires. Once a tire ignites, it can set the entire tanker ablaze.

Faced with a blowout, many dual-tire drivers will depend on the second tire so they can limp to a mechanic. This practice is illegal, but driving on wide-base tires takes away the option regardless. A blown-out wide-base tire will bring any driver to a complete standstill.

The backdrop to these concerns is, of course, that wide-base tires cost much more than dual tires. Fleet managers want to know that if they make the big investment, it will have time to pay off. Fortunately, many of these challenges can be helped with a quality tire monitoring system.

Increase Safety and Stability with Doran TPMS

Fleets that thrive on wide-base tires are those that are diligent in their maintenance efforts. As noted in Fleet Equipment Magazine, maintenance can be simpler with wide-base tires because drivers have better access to every tire valve stem. A tire monitoring system can make it even simpler.

The Doran 360TM TPMS provides continuous tire pressure and temperature data. Fleets simply install our in-cab monitor, program each wheel position with its baseline tire pressure and screw wireless sensors onto each valve stem. From there, drivers can get accurate data simply by turning on the ignition. 

Our in-cab LCD display has a patented “Green Means GoodTM” indicator light that provides at-a-glance confirmation that all tires are properly inflated. At any time, the driver can see specific data for each tire at the press of a button. The Doran 360TM is equipped with real-time alerts, warning drivers of rapid deflation, low pressure, high pressure, and high temperatures.

Our system also provides greater driver accountability to protect your investment. A date/time stamp for each pressure alarm is stored in the monitor. And the monitor can be locked to prevent accidental reprogramming or tampering with the programmed settings. 

All of this comes at a price lower than that of one wide-base tire. That means that if you save even one tire, the entire system pays for itself

Haul More, Safely

At Doran, we understand that every investment you make affects your bottom line. Our systems help you protect your equipment and increase revenue so your fleet can keep growing. Give us a call at 866-816-7233, and we’ll help you outfit your fleet today.


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