20 Years of Leading an Industry

August 23, 2021

It’s our pleasure to announce that Doran Manufacturing is celebrating 20 years of serving our loyal clients and team members since entering the Tire Pressure Monitoring System industry!

Over the last 20 years we’ve added new technology to our offerings that has allowed our clients to be served in a way that is unique to our industry. 

Company Culture

We decided long ago that Doran would be different. Not just for our clients, but especially for our team members who dedicate so much of their lives to their careers and our company. 

Doran’s company culture is unique to an industrial and mechanical industry because we strive for equal inclusion among both men and women, transparent company communication, and mutual respect. We’ve seen a need for something different for many years and we’re proud to say that we’ve successfully separated ourselves from our competition over the years. 

Despite having the intention to be different from the rest and progress from the past, Doran Manufacturing has successfully moved away from a “good ol’ boy” mentality without lacking in old fashioned hard work and dedicated customer service. We like to say we have an “old school work ethic, with a new school mentality.”

Empowering our team to be who they are and trust their skills is something we love to do, while encouraging continued education. While work is important and keeps the world going round, Doran has identified that work is not everything and shouldn’t consume the lives of our team members. 

Real people work here, with real lives and real hearts. It’s our responsibility to help our team feel seen, supported and comfortable to be who they are. We’re a family and encourage each other like one!

Cutting Edge Technology 

In the 2021 Benchmarking Survey Report, it measured that the 2nd top challenge related to driver issues among private fleets was equipment and maintenance. This shows us there is a need for reliable technology that will help mechanical equipment operate more efficiently and immediately alert a team when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. This will ultimately prevent the issue from becoming a more significant problem and requiring additional labor, cost and time. 

It’s been Doran’s priority for the last two decades to ensure to our clients that we solve crucial problems for them. These problems can often be dangerous and lead to injury or death. We’ve seen and recognized this, which is why we are so incredibly passionate about Doran’s mechanical solutions that we provide to our clients that keep drivers, workers and children safer. 

In 2001, Doran entered the Tire Pressure Monitoring System industry. In 2008, we released our own technology, Doran 360 TPMS, which serves truck and trailer fleets, waste/refuse fleets, emergency vehicles, specialty applications, recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

Since then, we haven’t looked back.

What’s Next

We’re always moving forward, and that’s our plan! We will continue to lean into innovative technology, look on the horizon to see what is coming and what could benefit the lives of our clients. 

We will be putting additional focus in the Agriculture and school bus safety industry in the near future, and we’re excited to be a part of them. 

Doran will continue to strengthen its footprint in the TPMS industry with impeccable service and provide our clients with personalized and intentional customer service.


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