TPMS: RVs, Motorhomes & Fifth-Wheels

Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for RVs, Motorhomes and Fifth-Wheels

When traveling the country with loved ones or just hitting the road for a relaxing ride, there's nothing more important than safety. Checking tire pressure and temperature is very important in order to maintain proper tire inflation that helps prevent blow-outs; saving you money and providing you with peace of mind.

Doran offers a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Recreational Vehicles such as Motorhomes, Fifth-Wheels, Campers, and other tow vehicles.

The Doran 360™ TPMS is always monitoring your tires, even when the ignition is turned off, so tire pressure data is always available once your start your vehicle. The tires don't have to be in motion! Receive the information you need from the comfort of your driveway and know whether or not you need to air up before hitting the road!





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