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The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Components

The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitor Systems have raised the bar and set the standard for the Truck Fleet, RV/Motorhome, Mining/Construction, and Bus markets.

The original launch of the product line in 2008 kept with Doran’s long standing tradition of solving customers’ problems as if they are our own.

We spoke in depth with fleet managers, maintenance technicians, RVers, motorcycle enthusiasts and technology experts to design and produce a combination of the most accurate, reliable and user-friendly TPMS in the world.

From the original selection of hiqh-quality components to the design of the simple programming process and our relentless pursuit of continuous product improvement combined with world-class customer service and support, it is not surprising that the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems have become the brand of choice in the markets we serve.

The Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems utilize cutting-edge sensor and monitoring technology that delivers reliable results and protection for the driver of a vehicle.


  • The wireless sensors are built with an innovative three-piece seal design to maximize valve core depression and minimize potential leaks
  • The high impact nylon housing utilizes a spin welding process to ensure the seal and provide maximum life
  • All of the electronic components are encapsulated in potting material to protect against vibration, impact and temperature change to optimize the life of the sensor
  • The improved lithium-ion battery is enclosed in the housing and is non-replaceable. It is designed to provides an estimated life of at least four years
    • We intentionally chose not to use a replaceable battery option due to the issues associated with seal failures and exposing the electronics to the elements

How the sensors work:

Doran 360OTR™ tire pressure sensors (#3607)

  • Our patented programming method utilizes the last three digits of a unique twelve-digit serial number on each sensor which is used to quickly program the sensor to a specific wheel position in the monitor
  • The external tire pressure sensor is screwed on to the valve stem of a tire
  • Once the sensor has been tightened to create a seal and depress the valve core, air activates the internal battery in the sensor
  • After the sensor is activated, it will take continuous tire pressure readings and will routinely transmit the tire pressure data from the tire through radio frequency (RF) signals the monitor


  • The Doran tire pressure monitor instantly provides the most up-to-date tire pressure information on an easy-to-read large LCD display
  • This display receives tire pressure data and provides digital pressure readouts along with visual and audible alarms if the pressure in a tire is low, high or has experienced a FastLeak™
  • The Doran 360™ tire pressure monitor LCD displays were designed from extensive marketing research efforts
  • The compact display is (W: 5.65″ x H: 2.14″ x D: 1.14″) is roughly the size of a standard chalkboard eraser.
  • The vehicle and wheel position outlines allow the end-user to select the configuration and orientation of the tires on the display
  • The Doran monitor/display is typically found inside the vehicle where the driver can see it and provides a digital readout of the current pressures for each tire on the vehicle
    • The monitor receives the RF signals from the sensors and instantly compares the current tire pressure reading with the programmed baseline pressures for every wheel position that was programmed into the monitor
    • In an alarm condition, the wheel position will flash with the current pressure in the tire, the red alarm light will illuminate, an audible beep will be activated and the type of alarm will be shown on the display
  • For RV and light duty applications, the Doran 360RV™ monitor is pre-wired with a 12-volt adapter plug and can be simply plugged into a 12-volt accessory power outlet
  • For truck, heavy-duty or even a customize installation on a motor home; the monitor can be hard wired into the electrical system of the vehicle via 12/24-volt power
    • The Doran monitor has a third power wire that is tied to ignition power for hard wire installations that enables our patented Sleep Mode
    • The Sleep Mode puts the monitor in a passive setting that still receives sensor updates but does not allow any alarms to be activated while the ignition is turned off
    • This feature delivers updated sensor readings on the display when you start up the vehicle and prevents irritating alerts while you are sleeping
    • This wiring method also provides the ability to receive the most accurate tire pressure information on the display around the clock

Remote Antenna Kit

(Sold Seprately)

  • Doran offers a 35’ remote antenna kit that is connected to the side of the monitor and routed through the fire wall to be mounted pointing down near the rear tires on a vehicle.
  • The antenna kit takes the signal reception point outside of the cab closer to the tires to improve the consistency and reliability of the RF sensor signal reception

Thank you for choosing Doran 360™ TPMS!