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SmartLink™ TPMS Tablet for Fleets

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The Doran SmartLink™ Tablet is the newest addition to Doran’s innovative line of SmartLink™ products. The Android based device communicates with all Doran 360™ SmartLink™ tire pressure monitoring products with RF or LF transmitting capabilities, covering Truck and Trailer Fleets, Off Road Equipment, and Multi-Trailer applications. With both keypad and touch screen capabilities, that tablet is easy to navigate and allows for easy programming. The built in TPMS application provides fast and accurate tire pressure readings from individual Doran LF sensors and also from all programmed sensors on equipment installed with a Doran One-Click™ transceiver.

The Doran SmartLink™ Tablet offers several options that make tire maintenance more timely and efficient. The Truck and Trailer application transfers data from individual LF sensors and the SmartLink™ Transceiver allowing fleets to access tire information by Individual Sensor Readings, Truck Walk Around, Trailer Walk Around, and by transferring data from the SmartLink™ Transceiver.

How it Works

Read Individual Sensors

With the Individual Sensor feature, hold the tablet at a reasonable distance from the tire sensor and tap on the on-screen sensor image to trigger the data transfer.

Screenshot: Tablet “reading” sensor data

Screenshot: Successful individual sensor reading

Truck Walk Around

Press and hold the tire location desired and information about the tire id, tire pressure and temperature will display. Do this for every tire and save the information to access in the future, as needed.

Truck Walk Around Feature- Reading Sensor
Truck Walk Around Feature- Read Successful
Truck Walk Around Feature- Full Truck Successful Read

Trailer Walk Around

Similar to Truck Walk Around, this function reads data from trailer tires programmed into the SmartLink™ transceiver.

Trailer Walk Around Feature
Screenshot: Available Trailer Tire Positions
Trailer Walk Around- Successful Full Truck Sensor Data Read
Screenshot: Successful reading of tire data

Screenshot: Save data for review later on tablet or PC

SmartLink™ Transceiver

Access data from up to five SmartLink™ One-Click™ Transceiver’s

Equipment Walk Around feature shows available One-Click transceivers
Screenshot: Shows all available transceivers the Tablet has access to read
SmartLink Transceiver Successful Read
Screenshot: After selecting a tablet, the screen shows tire data for all programmed sensors

Screenshot: Tapping a tire image will pull up more detailed data

Programming Made Easy

The user-friendly touch-screen and keypad make programming tire sensors into transceivers simple and timely.

Screenshot: Manually enter sensor ID

Screenshot: Select “Read ID” and the tablet will enter sensor ID automatically

Screenshot: Option to customize baseline pressure and alert settings

Screenshot: Set Global Baseline Pressure and alert settings at once

Once programmed, the sensor information is sent to the transceiver to begin monitoring the tire locations.

Set global baseline pressure

Screenshot: Shows a SmartLink™ Transceiver successfully programmed with tire pressure sensor IDs and
baseline pressure

Save Data

Data can be saved in almost every application. The saved file can be accessed later, as needed, from the tablet or PC.

File saved for later review
Screenshot: Successful Save of TPMS data
Truck and Trailer Main Menu
Screenshot: Access Saved Files Menu
Access saved data files for review later
Screenshot: Locate data file by date and time saved
Review a saved file right on the tablet
Screenshot: Saved file accessed on to tablet screen

Screenshot: File loads automatically into Excel on PC