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SmartLink™ Drop and Hook TPMS

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The innovative Doran SmartLink™ tire pressure monitoring system is specifically designed for truck fleets with drop and hook trailers. It is simply the most advanced system for monitoring all of the tires in a fleet. The Doran 360SL™ is a critical tool for providing cost savings related extending tire life, reducing fuel costs and minimizing maintenance expenses for your entire fleet.

How The Doran SmartLink™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System Works

The SmartLink™ system includes a display mounted in the cab that continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature data through radio frequency signals transmitted from wireless sensors that are mounted in place of the valve stem caps. It also allows the driver to select the trailer that will have its tires monitored during each trip.

After the proper trailer is selected, the display continuously receives tire data packets from a trailer-mounted SmartLink™ receiver/transmitter. The SmartLink™ receiver/transmitter collects and transfers the data to the display from the wireless sensors that have been programmed to it.

Download the SmartLink™ Drop and Hook TPMS Manual. 

The tires for the truck and trailer are continuously monitored and will trigger one of the multi-phase audible and visual alarms if a problem develops, including:

Low Pressure: 12.5% and 25% drop below the programmed baseline tire pressure

Fast Leak™: activated with a 4.5psi drop in less than 16 seconds

High Pressure: 25% above the programmed baseline tire pressure

High Temperature: 175°F

The Doran SmartLink™ System Is:

  • Easy to install:
    • The initial installation and programming of a Doran 360SL™ system is expected to take approximately one hour per truck and trailer
  • Low maintenance:
    • The system has fewer moving parts than typical tire inflation systems system
    • Wireless sensors with laser-etched identification numbers are screwed on to the valve stems and can be secured with an optional Sensor Locking Kit
    • The display can be “locked” to prevent accidental reprogramming and/or tampering with programmed settings
  • Simple to Operate:
    • Green Means Good™ at-a-glance system provides the driver with confirmation that all tires are properly inflated
  • Adaptable:
    • Works well with both traditional dual-tire configurations and single tire applications
    • Multiple mounting accessories are available for the display to provide flexibility with installation options based on the layout of the cab
  • Effective:
    • Continuously monitors up to 38 tires and eliminates the potential errors, time and labor costs related to manually checking tire pressures
    • A date/time stamp for each alarm (up to 10) is stored in the monitor
  • Durable:
    • The wireless sensors have the latest battery technology and were designed with a unique three-piece seal design to maximize valve core depression and minimize potential leaks
    • They also are built with an encapsulation process utilizing high-grade materials to provide component security and air-tight construction
    • Each of the components of the FCC approved SmartLink™ system has been successfully tested to SAE standards for temperature, vibration and chemical /water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility

The Doran 360SL™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System Is A Fast And Precise, Money Saving Tool For Your Fleet:

  • Up to 38 tires can be accurately checked in less than 30 seconds with the Doran SmartLink™ system
  • The SmartLink™ Display, mounted in the cab, will continue to monitor the programmed tires on the truck and automatically “hooks” onto the connected trailer
  • There are no additional software requirements to purchase
  • Only one SmartLink™ Tablet is required for the fleet to program multiple trailers
  • The system can deliver an estimated return on investment in as little as nine months per truck/trailer