School Bus Safety Products

Every school day, some 440,000 yellow school buses transport more than 24 million children to and from schools and school-related activities. The Doran Manufacturing LLC Exterior Light Monitor, Emergency Exit Monitor, and Sleeping Child Check Monitor® Monitor help your drivers maintain their buses more efficiently and safely.

Exterior Light Monitor

The malfunctioning of exterior lights on school buses can result in serious misfortune. For that reason, the best protection against the malfunctioning of the exterior lights is the Doran Exterior Light Monitor. Our monitors alert the driver to loose or cut connectors, wiring, blown fuses, or catastrophic light malfunctions for both LED lights and incandescent lights. Regardless of weather conditions or infrequent maintenance schedules, Doran's Exterior Light Monitor gives the bus driver or mechanic the immediate help they need.


Sleeping Child Check Monitor®

Sleeping Child Check Monitor®

Leaving a sleeping child on a school bus at the end of a route would be a nightmare for the child, the family, and you. Unfortunately, it can happen and DOES happen. In response to the need to deter this problem, Doran has created their Sleeping Child Check Monitor® to remind the driver as their route concludes to check their bus for sleeping children. The Doran Sleeping Child Check Monitor® forces the bus driver to walk to the back of the bus and deactivate the system. If the driver fails to walk to the back of the bus and exits, the bus horn will sound until the system is deactivated.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Green Means Good™

Doran offers the 360 Tire Pressure Monitoring System for school bus and other school transportation vehicles. Continuous monitoring of tire pressure and temperature helps to prevent tire malfunction and warn drivers through visible alerts through a mounted display, giving them enough time to correct pressure or allow tires to cool down before the warning becomes a problem.