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School Bus Exterior Light Monitors

School bus driving accidents are frightening due to the amount of lives that are at risk in a single vehicle. In the majority of school bus accidents, the other vehicle’s driver, not the bus driver, was cited in the cause of the accident.

Major collisions with a school bus were caused by:

  • failure to yield (29%)
  • following too closely (16%)
  • speeding (11%)
  • losing control (11%)

You have to wonder how there can be a failure to yield with those bright, flashing lights. The flashing red lights of a school bus are the known signal for drivers to stop and remain at a safe distance. Imagine the fear and the possible outcomes that could result if the exterior bus lights did not function correctly. The malfunctioning of school bus overhead lights can also result in serious accidents. Therefore, one of the best product investments for your school bus fleet is the Exterior Light Monitor by Doran Manufacturing.

How It Works

In response to industry demands, Doran created the first monitor capable of monitoring exterior LED or incandescent lighting system on school buses. This Doran Exterior Light Monitor helps school bus drivers to recognize malfunctions instantly with the exterior lighting system. The Exterior Light Monitor can detect even the most intermittent conditions for safety lights such as: loose wiring, cut connectors, and blown fuses. Regardless of the weather conditions or inconsistent maintenance schedules, the Exterior Light Monitor can be one of your best protections from accidents resulting from malfunctioning lights.

Doran has a variety of Exterior Light Monitor designs available. There are original and remote plate models designed for mounting on the dash. Four, eight, twelve, and sixteen exterior light configurations are also available. The compact yet heavy duty design offers incredible protection of tail lamp circuits from accidental overloads. If you need help selecting the correct Exterior Light Monitor, feel free to contact us at 1-866-816-7233.

Common Questions

How many lights can be monitored?
The Exterior Light Monitor can monitor four, eight, twelve and sixteen lights.

What types of lights can be monitored?
Doran manufactures products that can monitor both incandescent lights and L.E.D. (light emitting diode) lights.

Is there any protection from overloads?
Yes, there is fuse protection from accidental overloads.

Are lights the only thing it monitors?
No, the Exterior Light Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring system for lights, wiring, connections, and fusing.

Is there a remote model available?
Yes, Doran’s Exterior Light Monitor is also available with an optional remote face. This model offers the same features as the original model, but the face plate is mounted on the dash.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, there is a two-year warranty for all parts on the Exterior Light Monitor.