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PeopleNet: TPMS Integration

PeopleNet: TPMS Integration

The PeopleNet integration with Doran’s tire pressure monitoring systems provides real-time tire pressure monitoring and off-truck communication of tire pressure data and alerts for fleets.

Doran 360™ TPMS


  • Continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature data transmitted from wireless, valve-stem mounted tire pressure sensors, displayed on PeopleNet Driver Terminal, Blu.2 or TABLET devices.
  • Doran’s systems are designed for truck only, “married” truck & trailer and truck/trailer “drop & hook” applications and can monitor up to 38 wheel positions.
  • Additional information available on the PeopleNet website.

Installation, programming and operation

  • The Doran monitor utilizes 12-24 volt power and has a patented sleep mode by wiring to constant power, ignition/switched power and a ground.
  • Using a simple, patented programming method, the last three digits of a laser etched serial ID number on each sensor are entered to a specific wheel location on the monitor.
  • The baseline tire pressures are programmed into the monitor and can be unique for each wheel position to accommodate different optimal pressures for steer, drive and trailer tires.
  • Multiple built-in alert settings provide warnings to protect against FastLeak™ rapid deflation events, prolonged driving on underinflated tires and excessive heat conditions.
  • An external antenna, mounted on the rear bumper of the truck, ensures consistent RF signal reception from each tire pressure sensor to the in-cab monitor.


  • The Doran monitor transmits TPMS data to the PeopleNet OBC through J1939 or J1708 data connection.
  • J1939 Connectivity
    • Doran provides each TPMS monitor with a pre-wired OEM specific J1939 harness that is used to connect with the backbone of the CANbus.
  • J1708 Connectivity
    • Doran offers a converter box and wiring harness that will transfer TPMS data and alarms through the J1708 network on older trucks.

Trailer Tire Monitoring

  • Using the Doran 360 SmartLink™ monitor in the truck and the SmartLink™ transceivers on trailers enables fleets to monitor all truck and trailer tire pressures in “drop & hook” fleet applications.

PeopleNet TPMS Integration


  • TPMS integration with Doran is available on PeopleNet Driver Terminal, BLU.2 and TABLET devices.
  • Driver can access tire pressures and temperatures through the PeopleNet in-cab display.

Tire Status, Real-Time Tire Pressure and Temperature Alerts

Alarms are displayed on the screen using a GUF message with additional details on real-time tire pressure and alarm status in the TPMS screen.

TPMS Status Conditions:

  • Normal: all tire positions are communicating properly, and tires are inflated to within 12.5% of programmed baseline pressure.
  • Tire Leak Detected (FastLeak™) warning: a patent pending alarm that is triggered when tire pressure drops 4.5 psi within 16 seconds regardless of the actual inflation or programmed baseline tire pressure.
  • Under Pressure (Level I low pressure) warning: initiated when a 12.5% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure occurs.
  • Extreme Under Pressure (Level II low pressure) warning: activated with a 25% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure.
  • High Temperature Alarm: alarms when a tire pressure sensor captures a temperature of 175˚F. Provides early warning to potential wheel end problems.
  • Extreme Over Pressure (High Pressure) Alarm (optional): can be set to provide warnings with a 25% increase over the baseline tire pressure.
  • Lost Signal: indicates a temporary interruption of RF signal
    reception, or if continual condition persists, the tire pressure
    sensor should be replaced.

TPMS Alarms & Reporting Through PFM


  • PFM settings enable tire monitoring alarms at the Vehicle/Group.
  • Alarms can be configured to send an urgent data call.
  • Users can setup e-mail alerts when tire alarms are generated.
  • Alarm data includes Alarm Type, Location, Axle, Tire, Pressure, Temperature, Set Point Pressure and Vehicle Speed.

PFM – Tire Monitoring Alarm Reports

  • Alarm Report displays historical tire monitoring events.
  • Filter by Driver / Vehicle.
  • Alarm data includes Alarm Type, Location, Axle, Tire, Pressure, Temperature Set Point Pressure & Vehicle Speed.

GUF Messages

Tire Pressure Data