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Off The Road Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Avoiding costly downtime for earth moving and other off-the-road equipment due to tire failures has never been more important.

Maintaining proper tire inflation pressure increases uptime, tire life, and reduces tire-related maintenance expenses that cut into bottom line profit.

Doran 360OTR tire pressure monitoring systems provide accurate, real-time tire pressure and temperature information, and are built to withstand the extreme operating conditions of off-the-road equipment.

How It Works

The Doran 360OTR™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System continuously monitors air pressures in OTR tires with valve-stem mounted tire pressure sensors. These large bore tire pressure sensors transmit RF signals to a digital monitor/display located in the cab. Wheel positions are programmed into the display with a customizable baseline pressure setting for each tire. The LCD in-cab display features a Green Means Good LED indicator light and an interactive screen to see the current tire pressure status and real-time pressures in the tires. The in-cab monitor/display can operate as a stand-alone system for the equipment operator or it can be integrated with telematics devices to provide off-vehicle communication of tire pressure and temperature data. For telematics integrations and additional off-equipment communication capabilities, a black box monitor is available with pre-wired data harnesses for RS232 or J1939 data outputs.

Download the Doran 360OTR™ Manual


Green Means Good
When the green LED light is illuminated on the monitor, all of the tires are inflated to within 12.5% of the programmed baseline tire pressures.

Using the directional pad, you can scroll through each wheel position to see the current pressure in each tire.

Low Pressure:
There are two low pressure levels that are built into the monitor:

  • Level I low pressure alert is activated when the pressure in any of the tires drop 12.5% below the programmed baseline tire pressure for a specific wheel position.
  • Level II low pressure alert is activated when the pressure in any of the tires drop 25.0% below the programmed baseline tire pressure for a specific wheel position.

In both cases, the audible alarm and red warning light are activated and the specific tire position and pressure are shown on the display.

High Pressure:
There is an optional setting to provide a warning if the pressure in the tire increases to more than 25% of the baseline tire pressure.

High Temperature:
A “HOT” temperature alarm is activated when the temperature of the air in the sensor reaches 175° F which provides additional security against damage to the tires from excessive heat.

Large Bore OTR Tire Presure Sensor

Sensor Design and Construction:
The Doran 360OTR™ tire pressure sensors (#3607) are manufactured specifically to perform reliably on OTR tires with rim conditioner. In addition, to the nylon housing material and spin welded cap, the internal components are encapsulated in potting material to protect against damage from impact, vibration and extreme thermal changes. Each 360OTR™ tire pressure sensor is produced with a patent pending seal design which includes a built-in filter to minimize the negative effect on tire pressure sensors from rim conditioners and other liquids typically found in OTR tires. The field replaceable three-piece seal design is made with brass and temperature resistant seals to ensure consistent valve core depression while minimizing the potential for leaks. A high performance Lithium-Ion battery is used to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures to provide long life and consistent RF signal transmission.


In addition to rigorous field testing, the large bore Doran OTR tire pressure sensor has successfully passed tests using SAE standards for temperature, vibration, and chemical/water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility. The #3607 OTR tire pressure sensor can also provide digital tire pressure and temperature data to the Doran SmartLink™ TPMS Tablet for fast and accurate walk-around tire checks.

SmartLink TPMS Tablet™

The new SmartLink™ TPMS Tablet offers several options that make tire maintenance more accurate and efficient. The Off Road Equipment application provides options to transfer data from individual RF sensors or the SmartLink™ One-Click™ Transceiver to quickly access and record digital tire pressure and temperature data from Individual Sensor Readings, Equipment Walk Arounds or by transferring the data from the SmartLink™ One-Click™ Transceiver.