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Omnitracs: TPMS Integration Application

The Omnitracs integration with Doran’s tire pressure monitoring systems provides real-time tire pressure data, alerts and off-truck communication capabilities. Fleets now have access to critical tire inflation data to provide clarity to tire problems and help reduce tire related repair and maintenance costs.

Omnitracs: TPMS Integration Application


  • Doran’s systems are designed for truck only, “married” truck & trailer and truck/trailer “drop & hook” applications and can monitor up to 38 wheel positions.
  • Continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature data through wireless valve-stem mounted sensors and the Omnitracs in-cab display.
  • Off-truck communication of alerts and tire pressure data is available to help analyze and manage tire inflation for the fleet.
  • Additional information available on the Omnitracs website.

Installation, Programming and Operation

  • The Doran monitor utilizes 12-24 volt power and has a patented sleep mode by wiring to constant power, ignition/switched power and a ground.
  • Doran utilizes a simple, patented programming method that allows each tire to have a unique baseline tire pressure. The last three digits of the laser etched serial number on each tire pressure sensor are programmed to a specific wheel position on the monitor.
  • The baseline tire pressures are programmed into the monitor and can be unique for each wheel position to accommodate different optimal pressures for steer, drive and trailer tires.
  • Multiple built-in alert settings provide warnings to protect against FastLeak™ deflation events, prolonged driving on underinflated tires and excessive heat conditions.
  • An external antenna, mounted on the rear bumper of the truck, ensures consistent RF signal reception from each tire pressure sensor to the in-cab monitor.

TPMS Status Conditions

  • Green (Normal): all programmed tire pressure sensors are active and tires are inflated to within 12.5% of the baseline pressure.
  • Red (Tire Leak Detected: FastLeak™ warning): a patent pending alarm that is triggered when tire pressure drops 4.5 psi within 16 seconds regardless of the actual inflation or programmed baseline tire pressure.
  • Orange (Under Pressure: Level I low pressure warning): initiated when a 12.5% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure occurs.
  • Red (Extreme Under Pressure: Level II low pressure warning): activated with a 25% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure.
  • High Temperature Alarm: a built-in alarm begins when a tire pressure sensor captures a temperature of 175° F to provide warnings for excessive heat that can identify other potential wheel problems and protect the sensor and tire.
  • Extreme Over Pressure (High Pressure) Alarm (optional): can be set to provide warnings with a 25% increase over the baseline tire pressure.
  • Grey (Missing Data/Lost Signal): indicates a temporary interruption of RF signal reception, or if continual condition persists, the tire pressure sensor should be replaced.


  • The Doran monitor transmits TPMS data to Omnitracs through the J1939 CANbus.
    • J1939 Connection: Doran provides each TPMS monitor with a pre-wired OEM specific J1939 harness that is used to connect with the backbone of the CANbus.

Trailer Tire Monitoring

  • Using the Doran 360 SmartLink™ monitor in the truck and the SmartLink™ transceiver on trailers enables fleets to monitor all truck and trailer tire pressures in “drop & hook” fleet applications.

Omnitracs: TPMS Integration Application


  • The Omnitracs’ Tire Pressure Monitoring application integrates supported TPMS providers with Omnitracs mobile computing platforms.
  • The application displays a graphical tire health indicator on the MCP and the host user interface that color codes the severity of active tire issues, such as under inflation, which allows the most critical issues to be addressed.
  • The TPMS integration application with Doran is currently available on the Omnitracs MCP200 and
    MCP110 platforms. The MCP50 integration is scheduled for 2014.
  • TPMS Integration:
    • Delivers real-time notifications to back office personnel
    • Provides critical data to drivers
    • Leverages the MCP display
    • Captures valuable historical data


  • Displays a graphical tire health indicator on the MCP user interface.
  • Allows drivers to click on graphical indicator to view available tire pressure and temperature data.
  • Provides configurable alerts with tire details
  • Sends periodic tire status updates.
  • Leverages Omnitracs’ in-motion user interface
  • Displays useful graphs in host software.
  • Supports web services integration to third-party software.


  • Decrease tire repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduce the need for roadside assistance
  • Enhance safety
  • Improve tire life and fuel efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing asset out-of-service time, late pick-ups and deliveries.


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