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Multi-Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems


Checking tire pressure and temperature is an important task, even more so when you’re towing multiple trailers and monitoring over 100 tires. The Doran 360MTR™ gives drivers and maintenance crews a simpler and more precise way of making sure tires are properly checked before they hit the road.

The 360MTR™ system includes a display mounted in the cab that continuously monitors the tire pressure and temperature data through power line communication for up to eight connected trailers/assets and up to 180 total tires.

The 360MTR™ transceiver is installed on each trailer/asset and the wireless tire pressure sensors are programmed to the transceiver using the #360SLT SmartLink™ Tablet. The wireless tire pressure sensors read the pressure/temperature and transfer the data to the MTR transceiver via RF communication and the transceiver passes the data to the hub via power line communication.  The MTR hub continuously transfers the pressure/temperature data to the in-cab monitor via the RS232 connection to provide the driver with real-time information and alerts for each tire on every connected trailer/asset.

The SmartLink Tablet allows for quick access to both truck and trailer tire data. Read data from individual sensors, truck or trailer tires and save the data for later review!

How it Works

Once the installations are complete, the trailers/assets are hooked up to the power unit one by one in sequential order to ensure the proper order is displayed on the in-cab monitor/display screen.  When all the sensors that have been programmed to each transceiver/hub communicate and connect, the display will show all trailers and wheel positions.  The driver can navigate the monitor and check the current pressure in each tire on all connected trailers/assets.

If any of the wheel positions reach the alarm limit according to the baseline air pressures, the monitor will issue an alarm and the air pressure reading will be shown for the affected tire position. A black block will flash in that trailer where the affected wheel is and the monitor will show PRESSURE and whether it is a LOW or HIGH warning.  The monitor will also generate the audible alarm as an additional warning for the driver.

Multiple built-in alarms

Built-in alerts provide warnings to protect against FastLeak™ events and driving on low tire pressures or high temperatures which help to prevent on-highway catastrophic tire failures and minimize downtime

The display creatse the following visual and audible alerts when problems with tire pressure develop, including:
Level I Low Pressure warning: initiated when a 12.5% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure occurs
Level II Low Pressure warning: activated with a 25% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure
FastLeak™ warning: triggered when the pressure drops by 4.5psi in less than 16 seconds regardless of the baseline tire pressure
High Pressure Alarm (optional): can be set to provide warnings with a 25% increase over the programmed baseline tire pressure
High Temperature warning is also built-in to the monitor and will trigger a “HOT” alert at 175°F

Low Pressure Alarm

FastLeak™ Alarm

High Pressure Alarm


  • Designed for the extremes of the road and the changing weather conditions of driving coast to coast
  • The wireless sensors are manufactured using a potting process with high-grade materials to encapsulate the components and provide air tight construction
  • The sensors have a unique three-piece seal design which maximizes valve core depression and minimizes potential leaks and extends the life of the sensor
  • The improved battery design in the sensors provides an estimated life of five years
  • The system has been approved by the FCC and tested to SAE standards for temperature, vibration and chemical/water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility