Optional Acessories for RVs and Motorhomes

Monitor Mounts

Pedestal Mounting Kit (#3647)

Included with RV System

  • For RVs and motor homes, mounting the Doran tire pressure monitor can be as easy as using mushroom tape or using our unique pedestal mounting kit
    • The bracket allows the driver to adjust the display to fit the dashboard
    • The kit also includes suction cups for glass or other flat surfaces, visor clips 

Signal Boosters

The RF signal from the sensors to the Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitor is strong enough for almost any standard vehicle configuration, however, radio signal strength is managed and must comply with US FCC and Canadian regulations and guideline. These restriction can sometimes cause some signal loss if you have a metal skinned coach, trailer or are hauling a tow vehicle. A wireless tire pressure monitor booster is generally used in longer applications, metal skin coaches, or trailers when signal reception is inconsistent. The booster is simply installed with two power wire connections (positive and negative).

Doran offers two wireless tire pressure monitor boosters depending on installation:

Interior Signal Booster (#3624)

  • The booster is usually mounted inside of a closet of the RV


Exterior Signal Booster (#3625)Exterior Booster

  • heavy duty and designed to withstand the roughest outdoor environments
  • can be mounted on the back,  underneath the last cross member.

Sensor Accessories

Flow-Through Adapter (#3639)

  • a stainless steel t-fitting can be installed on the valve stem to allow tires to be inflated without having to remove the sensor from the valve stem Flow Through Adapter with #3602 TPMS Sensor




Flow-Through Extensions

Braided stainless steel extension with rugged air hose and t-fittings can be installed on vehicles with dual tires to bring the valve stem and sensor to hub of the tire to allow for easier inflation

  • #3649: for inside dual tire (straight)
  • #3650: for outside dual tire (angled)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor Locks

Included with RV System

  • Doran's custom designed sensor locks work with most tire/wheel applications and will not cause damage to your valve stem threads
  • A special plastic lock is inserted over the valve stem
  • The sensor is then screwed onto the valve stem
  • Next, pull up on the valve stem lock to engage it into the sensor and use the special Allen head wrench provided to lock the sensor into place, it is just that easy


Call Doran at 1-866-816-7233 for additional TPMS accessory information