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How Does The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are the most user-friendly and reliable TPMS on the market today. Easy to Install, Accurate, Dependable, Durable and Attractive—Doran has raised the bar for tire pressure monitoring systems and taken TPMS to a new level of sophistication combined with simplicity and performance.

Design And Development Of Doran 360™ TPMS

Designed entirely from the ground up, extensive customer research guided our design and development of the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems. We spoke directly with RV owners, fleet managers, mining companies and motorcyclists to develop and design the most user-friendly and reliable TPMS for use on trucks/trailers, RVs, tow vehicles, fifth wheels, commercial equipment, buses and motorcycles.

We continue to apply customer feedback to improve the user experience and overall satisfaction with the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems.

Unique Features

Doran has designed two unique features that were created to add value to the customer experience

Green Means Good® Indicator Light

An at-a-glance green LED indicator light is illuminated when each of the sensors successfully transmitted tire pressure data to the monitor and all of the tire pressures are within range of the programmed baseline tire pressure.


FastLeak™ Alarm

To provide early detection of a rapid loss of air pressure in a tire and avoid a potential tire blowout on the road, Doran built-in a unique FastLeak™ alarm which is triggered with a drop in air pressure of 4.5 psi in less than 16 seconds.

How it Works…

After sensors are programmed to the monitor/display, the tire pressure sensors are screwed on to the valve stem of each tire. Once the sensor has been tightened to create a seal and depress the valve core, air activates the internal lithium-ion battery in the sensor. Once the sensor is activated, it will take continuous tire pressure readings and will routinely transmit the current tire pressure data from the tire through radio frequency (RF) signals to the monitor.

The tire pressure monitoring system display receives this signal and instantly compares the current tire pressure reading with the programmed baseline pressure level for each wheel position and updates the display with the current air pressure in each tire. If there is an alarm event, the red TPMS alert light will illuminate, the type of alarm will be displayed, the effected tire position will flash and the tire pressure will be shown.

TPMS Status Conditions

  • Green Means Good®: when the green LED indicator light is on all of sensors on the tires have checked in and are within 12.5% of the programmed baseline pressure
  • FastLeak™ warning: an alarm that is triggered when the pressure drops 4.5 psi within 16 seconds regardless of the actual inflation or programmed baseline tire pressure
  • Level I low pressure warning: initiated when a 12.5% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure occurs
  • Level II low pressure warning: activated with a 25% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure
  • High Temperature Alarm: a built-in alarm begins when a tire pressure sensor captures a temperature of 175° F to provide warnings for excessive heat that can identify other potential wheel problems and protect the sensor and tire
  • High Pressure Alarm (optional): can be set to provide warnings with a 25% increase over the baseline tire pressure
  • Lost Signal: indicates a temporary interruption of RF signal reception, or if continual condition persists, the tire pressure sensor should be replaced

Reliability And Accuracy Are The True Benefits Of The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

The Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system has been designed and tested to handle the extreme conditions of the road and changing weather conditions from coast-to-coast. Reliability of the communication signal is the key to all Doran tire pressure monitor systems. A strong signal and sensitivity to the communication requires a unique engineering design to capture the signal under all types of conditions, including outside electronic interference, weather, and other vehicles. As with cell phones, signal interference is always a possibility, but the Doran 360™ has been designed with filters and redundant signals to ensure greater reliability at all times and under most conditions.

Quality – Independent Lab Testing Results

Each of the components of the FCC approved Doran 360™ TPMS have been successfully tested to meet and exceed SAE standards for temperature, vibration and chemical/water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility.