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Geotab TPMS Integration for Fleets

The Geotab integration with Doran’s tire pressure monitoring systems provides real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring and off-truck visibility of tire pressure data and alerts for fleets.

The Doran 360™ TPMS Add-In is now available in the

Geotab Marketplace!


Doran 360™ TPMS


  • Continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature data through wireless, valve-stem mounted sensors and an in-cab monitor/display
  • Multiple built-in alert settings provide warnings to protect against FastLeak events, driving on low tire pressures and high temperatures
  • Simple installation, programming and operation

Simple and Customizable Setup

  • Systems are available for trucks, truck and trailer “drop & hook”, with the capability to monitor up to 38 wheel positions.
  • The baseline tire pressures are programmed into the monitor and can be unique for each wheel position to accommodate different optimal pressures for steer, drive and trailer tires.

Real-Time Alerts

  • FastLeak™ Warning: a patent pending alarm that is triggered when the pressure drops 4.5 psi within 16 seconds regardless of the baseline tire pressure
  • Level I LowPressure Warning: initiated when a 12.5% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure occurs

  • Level II Low Pressure Warning: activated with a 25% drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure
  • High Temperature Alarm: a built-in alarm goes off when the temperature of the sensor reaches 175°F to provide warnings for excessive heat that can identify other potential wheel problems and protect the sensor
  • High Pressure Alarm (optional): can be set to provide warnings with a 25% increase over the baseline tire pressure

Geotab TPMS Integration

  • The Doran monitor transmits TPMS data onto the vehicles J1939 CANbus. The Geotab GO device captures the data from this network.

  • J1939 Connection: Doran provides each TPMS monitor with a pre-wired OEM specific J1939 harness that is used to connect with the backbone of the CANbus.
  • For vehicles without J1939 CAN communication, the Doran monitor would connect directly to the GO Device with the IOX-CAN harness

Geotab TPMS Integration Overview

  • The 360™ TPMS Add-In from Doran is currently available on the Geotab GO6, GO7, and GO Rugged devices.
  • 360™ TPMS Integration:
    • Delivers real-time notifications to drivers
    • Provides critical data to Fleet Management/Maintenance and allows for off-truck visibility of tire pressure issues.


  • Summary Tab on the 360™ TPMS Add-In allows for quick visibility of all tires in fleet with Active Tire Pressure Alerts

  • Allows users to drill down to specific vehicle pressure and temperature data.

Provides detailed information for all tire pressure and temperature alerts

  • Link to Map Details


  • Decrease tire repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduce the need for roadside assistance
  • Enhance safety
  • Improve tire life and fuel efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing asset out-of-service time, late pick-ups and deliveries.