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Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitor System Accessories

Optional Acessories for the Doran 360™ TPMS

Sold Separately


Commercial Mounting Bracket (#3653K)

  • For rugged environments and vehicles with limited space available on the dashboard, the metal mounting bracket can be used to securely mount the Doran monitor to the top of the dashboard in a location that does not obstruct the operator’s view

Signal Boosters

The RF signal from the sensors to the Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitor is strong enough for almost any standard vehicle configuration, however, radio signal strength is managed and must comply with US FCC and Canadian regulations and guidelines. These restriction can sometimes cause some signal loss if you have a metal skinned coach, trailer or if you haul a tow vehicle.

A wireless tire pressure monitor booster is generally used in longer applications, metal skin coaches, or trailers when signal reception is inconsistent. The booster is simply installed with two power wire connections (positive and negative).

Remote Antenna Kit #3623)

  • Enhances the communication between the sensors and the display
  • Attaches to the monitor and fed through the firewall and underneath the truck in order to mount the whip antenna at the midpoint between the front and rear sensor locations

Exterior Signal Booster (#3625)

  • The truck tire pressure monitoring system exterior signal booster is heavy duty and designed to withstand the roughest outdoor environments.
  • It can be mounted on the back of a semi-truck underneath the last cross member.

Sensor Accessories

Flow-Through Adapter (#3639)

  • a stainless steel t-fitting can be installed on the valve stem to allow tires to be inflated without having to remove the sensor from the valve stem

Flow-Through Extensions

#3649- inside dual tire (straight)

#3650- for outside dual tire (angled)

  • Braided stainless steel extension with rugged air hose and t-fittings can be installed on vehicles with dual tires to bring the valve stem and sensor to hub of the tire to allow for easier inflation

Locking Jam Nuts (#3639-S)

  • As another option to secure the sensor on the valve stem and deter potential sensor theft, jam nuts can be used to “lock” the sensor on to the valve stem which would require a tool to remove the sensor
  • The jam nut is put on the valve stem before the sensor
  • The sensor is tightened and the jam nut is then “snugged up” to the sensor to lock it in place