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Custom Terminal Board Manufacturing

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For OEMs Looking For A Custom Finish

Quality System

Doran Manufacturing holds its commitment to quality and service to high standards. Our automated, customized equipment allows us to service quality-conscious customers such as General Electric.

Commitment To Customer Concerns

From front desk to back door, long term, dedicated employees act together to satisfy changing customer conditions of satisfaction.

Our Product Offering

Doran Manufacturing offers custom, semi-custom and off-the-shelf solutions that uniquely satisfy the cost, quality, and delivery concerns of each OEM customer.

Doran manufactures:

  • electrical/electronic inter-connectors
  • power distributions blocks and boards
  • terminal blocks
  • contacts
  • fuse panels
  • in-house tool and die metal stampings

Rapid Design Through Production

Doran collaborates with companies, on-site or in-house, to provide engineering expertise and cross-industry experience. Doran’s engineers can take ideas or sketches and rapidly develop them into working prototypes and then into production parts. This helps customers meet project deadlines and bring new products to market quickly.

Semi-Custom And Off-The-Shelf

Doran has amassed a large collection of standardized terminals and phenolic boards and can often provide readied tooling for a variety of projects. In the event that new tooling is required, Doran’s in-house tool and die shop can quickly and economically produce your needed products.

Competitiveness With Off-Shore Manufacturing

Several of Doran’s customers who are manufacturing off-shore have found Doran to be a more efficient and lower cost supplier and partner. This is partly a result of Doran’s close relationship with its sister company Osborne Coinage Company. The two companies share overhead expenses as well as many material costs, contributing to Doran’s ability to remain competitive with manufacturers in Asia and Mexico. Doran’s design experience, automation strength, dedicated workforce and commitment to quality have enhanced their strong competitive position.