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Cincinnati, Ohio-based Doran Manufacturing opened in 1953 and was incorporated in 1954. The company was started by Edward Bauer and Robert Mayer and was named after their wives, Dorothy and Ann. These two men were Amp representatives who saw the need for low voltage interconnection devices like terminal boards and blocks in appliances and other machines. These blocks made the assembly of the wiring for the machine much more efficient.

In January, 1956 Doran Manufacturing Co. became a subsidiary of Osborne Coinage Company. In April of 2003, Doran became independent of Osborne Coinage and was incorporated newly as Doran Mfg, LLC. Osborne Coinage and Doran Mfg, LLC are owned by Evolving Enterprises, Inc which was formed in September, 2007 and is wholly owned by the Stegman family.

Our History…

Electrical Interconnection Products

Doran started as a manufacturer of electrical interconnection products and continues its legacy by providing terminal boards and blocks for electric motors, transformers, commercial HVAC, garage door openers and other markets.

These products are still made in the original factory location using highly automated equipment to compete on a global basis. A majority of the electrical interconnection parts are shipped to factories in Mexico to such well-known customers as A.O. Smith, General Electric, Genie and Trane who continue to be satisfied Doran industrial customers.

Our core competencies include:

  • Terminals – Stamping
    • Screw terminals, U-terminals, multiple bend and .250” male quick connect terminals
    • Materials: brass, tin-plated brass, aluminum, copper and tin-plated copper
  • Automated Assembly Processes:
    • Screw terminals, terminal boards, plastic housings
  • Terminal boards and Fuse Panel Boards Production
    • Multiple process assembly
    • Board fabrication and identification
  • Electronics Assembly

We have internal capabilities to design, build and maintain tooling, stamping dies and automated equipment for custom, high-speed applications requiring up to 100-ton presses and we annually produce more than 10 million stamped terminals with additional capacity available for new business.

Expansion Into Transportation Safety Products

In the early 1970s, Doran applied its engineering-based problem solving approach to vehicle safety and manufactured products:

  • began producing Safety Light Monitors for school bus manufacturers in 1973
  • we also designed and built specialized PC-based fuse panels for truck OEMs (such as Peterbilt) and for RV OEM suppliers (MagneTeck and Parallax)

For the past forty-five years, Doran has become well-known for developing and providing innovative transportation safety products for the school bus, RV and truck fleet markets.

Addition Of Monitors And LED Lights

Currently, Doran sells a complete line of transportation safety-related products for the school bus market. Specializing in designing and assembly of LED and incandescent Exterior Light Monitors for all of the major school bus manufacturers, we also provide Sleeping Child Check Monitors®, Emergency Exit Monitors, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, stop arm LED light kits, red and amber warning lights, 7″ LED stop/tail/turn lights, slim-line LED clearance lights and triangular “cats eye” LEDs.

The reliable quality and durable performance of our school bus safety product line has made Doran the number one choice of school districts and school bus manufacturers for many years.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Doran extended the company’s transportation safety product offering in the early 2000’s with the addition of tire pressure monitoring systems for the RV and truck markets. Doran’s product development and marketing efforts propelled the company to earn the “Nifty 50: The Best 50 New Products of the Year” award presented by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine in December, 2004 which coincided with the establishment of the company as a leader in tire pressure monitoring systems for the markets they serve.

Doran 360RV™ and Doran 360HD™

To further enhance Doran’s leadership position, the company launched the next-generation Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems for the RV and truck markets in early 2008. The new systems were designed for simple installation and programming and include a number of patent-pending features that addressed customer requests that have kept Doran at the top of the market. These new systems have received excellent reviews from customers for ease of use and reliability along with providing significant cost savings opportunities to truck fleets.

Doran 360 SmartLink™

Doran seized the opportunity to introduce the first tire pressure monitoring system for drop and hook trailer fleets with the introduction of the Doran 360™ SmartLink in the summer of 2008. The system allows the driver to confirm the drop or add of a trailer at a push of the button in the cab mounted display and the tire pressure data is transferred from the trailer tires.

Doran 360M™

Doran also introduced an innovative new tire pressure monitoring system for motorcycles in the first quarter of 2008. This unique system helps motorcycle enthusiasts ensure that they will have a perfect riding experience on their tires.

In early 2009, Doran developed new systems for trikes and for motorcycles with trailers due to a large number of customer requests.

Marketer of the Year Award

2009 Marketer of the Year Award

Doran earned the 2009 “Marketer of the Year” Award by the Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association for the creativity and coordination of the multi-faceted launch of the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems to a variety of customers and market segments.

Doran’s 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems have also been featured in a number of articles in truck and RV publications, including the cover story in the October ’09 issue of Fleet Maintenance.