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For Immediate Release: March 1, 2018

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Lee Demis – Director of Business Development, Doran Manufacturing Phone: 866-816-7233 E-mail:

Doran introduces the YardCheck 360™ Wireless Gate Reader TPMS

Cincinnati, Ohio – Doran is pleased to announce the launch of the new YardCheck 360TM Wireless Gate Reader Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The YardCheck 360TM Gate Reader creates a secure wireless network around a fleet’s facility. The YardCheck 360TM trailer transceiver continuously monitors trailer tire pressure and temperature data, storing this data while away from the facility and uploading it to the cloud based website when it returns. While tethered or untethered in the yard, the YardCheck 360TM transceiver periodically transfers new data to the cloud, alerting fleet management to alarm conditions before they result in on-road tire failures.

“Gaining remote access to tire pressure data from untethered trailers has been a continual request from our valued fleet partners,” said Lee Demis (Director of Business Development, Doran Manufacturing). “Identifying, inflating, repairing or replacing tires before they leave a fleet’s facility has tremendous cost-saving advantages for fleets. We worked closely with Divelbiss Corporation to create a truly unique gate reader system to capture tire pressure and temperature data when a trailer is on the road, upload when it returns to the facility – and most importantly – continue to provide updated information when untethered in the yard.”

The Doran YardCheck 360TM can operate as a stand-alone system on trailers, used in conjunction with Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS), or communicate real-time data to a truck in-cab display or telematics partner through a Doran SmartLinkTM monitor.

A web-based dashboard, including various alarm conditions, allows fleets to easily and remotely view tire pressure and temperature data for all of the trailer tires in their fleet. Reports can be scheduled and run automatically to quickly identify problem tires before they create costly on-road tire service calls.

Representatives from Doran will be presenting the YardCheck 360 TM Wireless Gate Reader System in Booth 2018 during the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition March in Atlanta, GA March 5-8, 2018.

About Doran Manufacturing, LLC: Cincinnati-based Doran Manufacturing has been creating solutions for more than 65 years including providing quality transportation safety since the early 1970s. In addition to tire pressure monitoring systems, the company supplies LED and incandescent Exterior Light Monitors, Sleeping Child Check® monitors, Emergency Exit Monitors and a full range of LED lighting products to the school bus market. Also, the company continues to manufacture customized electric terminals and terminal boards in the original factory that was established in 1953. For more information about Doran, visit or contact them via e-mail at, write to Doran Manufacturing, 2851 Massachusetts Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225, or call toll-free (866) 816-7233.

About Divelbiss Corporation: founded in 1974 in Fredericktown, OH the company designs and manufactures industrially hardened electronic control systems. The patented PLC on a Chip™ technology introduced in 2004 continues to break new ground for embedded solutions.