The Muth Signal® Mirror kit with TPMS Display allows Honda GoldWing riders to customize their bikes, be noticed on the road, and increase awareness of low tire pressures. When used with the Doran 360M™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System, when a low tire pressure alarm is triggered, the “Low Tire” indicator light will flash on the mirror to alert the rider.


  • Muth Signal® Mirror Kits available for Honda GoldWing 1800 M.C. 2001-2014
    ("North American Models only; Does not fit the F6B model")
  • 4 Available Mirror Kits:
    • Chrome Mirror+Red LED
    • Chrome Mirror+Amber LED
    • Blue Mirror+Red LED
    • Blue Mirror+Amber LED
  • Mirror connects to built-in Warning Light adaptor port on Doran 360M™ TPMS
  • Additional information available on the Muth website


  • Innovative, high visibility LED signal indicator lights positioned at eye level of adjacent drivers to make them more noticeable than standard taillights
  • Flashing Turn Signal alerts drivers in your blind spot of your intentions
  • "Low Tire" indicator light flashes to alert driver when one of the tires has low pressure
  • Simple Installation


  • Turn your ordinary exterior rear-view mirrors into safety features that command attention
  • Increase your presence on the road to other drivers with high-visibility LED signal lights
  • Enhance Safety and Ensure the Perfect Ride by keeping your tires properly inflated
  • Improve tire life and fuel efficiency

Installation And Operation

Muth Signal® Mirror Kit

  • Each Muth Signal® Mirror comes with its own Plug-n-Play wiring harness.
  • The included TPMS harness connects to the Doran 360M™ TPMS monitor and the right signal mirror.
  • The Doran 360M™ TPMS continuously monitors tire pressures. Each tire position can be programmed to a specific baseline tire pressure and low pressure alerts are triggered when the tire pressure drops 12.5% and 25% below baseline pressure.
  • The Doran tire pressure monitor is a small footprint monitor with a large digital LCD

Muth Mirror Kit Color Options

  • CHROME Mirrors with Red LED Signal Lights
  • CHROME Mirrors with AMBER LED Signal Lights
  • BLUE Mirrors with RED LED Signal Light
  • BLUE Mirrors with AMBER LED Signal Light