Doran 360M™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Ensure The Perfect Ride On Your Tires - Mile After Mile



Of the 6,000,000+ motorcycles registered in the United States, more than 5,100,000 of them are running on under-inflated tires. Make sure you're riding on properly inflated tires. Under-inflation leads to shorter tire life, decreased gas mileage, and increased risk of accidents. Don't trust an air gauge that isn't properly calibrated. Ensure the perfect ride with a Doran 360M™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycles, Trikes and Trailers and give yourself and your traveling partners the peace of mind that your tires are safe and ready to roll mile after mile.


Features Of The Doran 360M™

Doran’s Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems employ state-of-the-art technology to continuously monitor tire pressures. The Doran 360M™ system is a low profile, simple to install system that provides reliable and accurate “real-time” tire pressure information to the rider. Each tire location can be programmed to a specific baseline tire pressure and low pressure alerts are triggered when the tire pressure drops 12.5% and 25% below baseline pressure.

The Doran wireless tire pressure sensors can be installed outside or inside the tire rim using Doran's valve stems (patent pending) that are included with the system. The sensors are waterproof, weatherproof, and spin-welded to prevent corrosion and provide long-life.  Once the sensors are screwed on to the valve stem, they become activated and begin to receive and transmit tire pressure data to the monitor via radio-frequency signals.

The Doran tire pressure monitor is a small footprint monitor with a large, digital LCD screen that can be mounted almost anywhere on the bike - from handlebars, to the frame, to under the seat - with the option to use the small LED external warning lamp visible on the handlebars.

The Doran 360M™ Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System provides the perfect ride with a peace of mind for a minimal investment.

*Installation inside the valve stems may require professional installation from your tire dealer.


Monitor/Display Installation Examples

On the handle bars of a Harley-Davidson

On the frame of a Ducati

Under the seat on a Ducati

By the instrument panel on a Ducati

Near the fairing deck on a Honda Goldwing

Remote Warning Light Installation Examples

Remote Warning Light on a Harley-Davidson

Remote Warning Light on a Honda Goldwing

Remote Warning Light on a Ducati

Capability To Continuously Monitor Up To 4 Wheel Positions With Multiple Alarm Settings

The Doran 360M3™ and Doran 360M4™ systems were introduced in the spring of 2009, to meet the needs of the growing number of customers that ride trikes and/or pull a trailer with their motorcycle. The upgraded systems allow the rider to easily program the display/monitor to fit their specific setup with their motorcycle, trike or trailer. In addition, to the standard alarm settings at 12.5% and 25% below the programmed baseline tire pressure, the new systems include a FastLeak™ alarm that provides the rider with an audible and visual alarm when the tire pressure drops 4.5psi in less than 16 seconds.

*Sensors install easily on most BMW Motorcycles. However, the following models (R1200, R1200RT, F800ST, K1200R, K1200S) have a rim with the valve stem machined into the spoke and do not provide enough clearance with the brake caliper.

Doran 360M3 - display
monitors up to three (3) wheel positions

Doran 360M3 - display
monitors up to four (4) wheel positions

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